Østrup Turridning

Rideture på gode islandske heste i fantastisk smuk natur


Prices for horseback riding in 2016 is including specified in Danish kroner and is per person including VAT:

Duration Work days Weekend *)
1 235 290
1,5 340 420
2 430 535
2,5 515 625
3 575 695
4 655 795
Whole day 740 860

*) Weekend prices apply from Friday at 12 and in school holidays.

Price for full-day trips is without lunch. You can either bring your own lunch or buy lunch in a kiosk along the way.

You can take a trip with a child on a horse for 230.- DKK.  In groups with regular weekly trips is the price 185.- DKK an hour.

Horseback riding for a weekend with a short trip Friday and two full-day tours on Saturday and Sunday are available for DKK 2400, to which must be added from 600 DKK to 1850 DKK for accommodation and meals. The amount of food and accommodation are paid directly to the host, where in the living, and the size depends on your choice of quality and luxury. Nature here in the area as well as our horses are top-class, and meals and accommodation varies in price depending on whether you want to live primitively, or have wild luxury. The price of accommodation with us at Østrup Turridning is 250- DKK per person with breakfast.  Prices for accommodations nearby can be found on  as an example Faldsled youth hostel that has good accommodations and only 8 km from Østrup Turridning.

Gourmet and luxury weekend is a weekend with good food and wine, beautiful scenery and good horses, just relaxation and enjoyment of life for 2450 DKK for riding and it should be 1850 DKK for accommodation and meals, a total of 4300 DKK.

A weekend trip with riding for 2200 DKK us with good food and accommodation at 1200 DKK or 3400 DKK in total costs, while you can opt for a cheaper ‘ ridelejr’-model, where accommodation and food only costs 700 DKK, IE. a total of 2900 DKK.

A Viking tour is a special weekend trip on a special route. It stretches from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, and the price is per person DKK 2400 plus 1165 DKK for the accommodation, which is paid directly to the host, where we stay overnight, a total of 3565 DKK.

Riding Tour South Funen is a tour that extends over 3.5 day. It costs 3230 DKK for riding per person plus 1750 DKK for accommodation, a total of 4980 DKK

In the spring we have a Pentecostal Riderejse from Whitsun Saturday morning for Whit Monday afternoon. It costs 2630 DKK for riding per person plus 1350 DKK for accommodation, a total of 3980 DKK.

Ridelejre for children costs 3350 DKK per person for 4 days in the summer including meals and accommodation. In the autumn holidays the price is 2950 DKK.

On weekend trips, ridelejre and other longer tours, as well as bigger events you have to pay a deposit of approximately. 20%. This will be refunded at the evt. If cancelled up to 2 months before the trip.

It is a good idea to book in advance, especially if you want to ride in the school holidays or weekends.

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