Østrup Turridning

Rideture på gode islandske heste i fantastisk smuk natur


Nauma leads the way at a gallop at komarken

Spring letter from Nauma:

Time in grooming.

"Hi John and Dorte.

Linette has a good time in grooming work so I can get ready for the job again.

We finally got a visit from two large fresh guys on our tour. I led the way at a brisk pace. I got to see the two Lord how to tölte:-) I have accustomed myself to Linette occasionally may have a little bad balance, but then I just at the pace I'm going in to she gives me the message about something else.

The two big guys.
The two big guys.
Juletur with little Victoria.

I gave a juletur to little Victoria, who came to visit at the farm.

I will be spoiled with Urtemash when I get home from the trip. I have approx. been on tour between 3 to 4 times a week. My feed consists of Omega 3 structure 100 and MaxiRice plus soybean oil and fiderskaller. And all the wrap I can eat. So now I'm soon ready for the job again and filled by spring energy to work.

I lie down:-)
I lie down:-)

It is very hard to see, but I lie down:-) I enjoy life while the great roof guard. I have a pretty good handle on the great ladies.

Image from before Christmas.
Image from before Christmas.

Linette would like to know when I must sign my arrival at M again?

Greetings from a fresh Nauma. " March 2015

Since Nauma were retrieved in Randers

Charlotte hear about Dortes first trip on Nauma from Fruehøj
Charlotte hear about Dortes first trip on Nauma from Fruehøj

Fruehøj is born from 2002 Nauma.  We bought the 27 Nauma. December 2013, according to Astrid and Dorte each had ridden a few good rides on her. We have not yet tested her in turridningen, but a is safe, she is not for just anyone, since the hum is hugely forward, and you should be able to something with seat and reins. She has a good Tolt, and she is roadworthy. She is 11 years old.  Here is a greeting we got the 1. January 2014 from Naumas former owner, Charlotte Mousten:

A little about Nauma: I've had her for 2 years. She is a fresh and joyful jump as love, to order something. She is incredibly easy to be with on the trip. She has trained a part from the Earth and in the Rotunda. She is amazingly quick learner and doing everything she is asked. The first half year, I spent on dressage and lots of picnics. Nauma love hills, slopes and the like. She stands extremely well established and has a really good balance.

She has ridden a 30 km mountain bike route, which she took in stride. At the beginning we do not jumped over the fallen trees, which strode we and there has never been any obstacle we have not been able to pass;-) even a kolem can we ride into the open and then take hold of the next and ride through without having to get off. She has also been ridden in parks. Nauma and I have participated in tøndeslagningen, where we were costumed. Nauma had terribly busy, when I got the bat in hand, laughing. Nauma is afraid She had loops in one whip, tail and on the legs and even a little hat, she finds herself just in it, though.IMG_0366

She has been ridden with me about 1-2 hours a day 6-7 days a week, The first 1.5 years. She tølter blithely several kilometers in line. She is ridden part on asphalt and very busy roads, both in step, trot, tölt and gallop on the wayside and are never afraid of anything. I have ridden many long trips alone and she is just amazing. She goes above and below the wooden bridges and railway bridges. She can easily jump a jumping course and adopt by;-) in nature she skips over everything you ask her about:-) She can be ridden in all weathers and stands firmly:-)

She has been featured on 3 icelander Club rides Toppur and common are just estimates, to carry along on the trip. She follows just with and adapt. She can be ridden at the front, middle or back. She stands neatly in the box when we have been on course:-) She is always easy in the trailer and truck and stands nicely during transport also in 3 hours and then rides 20 km and then 3 hours of transport without problems)

I have only had her out in the water to the stomach, but believe that she will be able to swim;-) She stands nicely when the blacksmith there;-) Nauma has also been on Christmas shopping in Randers town centre, which she also just took quietly:-D

Nauma is a total estimate horse, which gives her own a lot again. She loves to be cuddled and she vrinsker when I stand by her after a lovely ride. Nauma is a loner and it is with great pain and sorrow, that I had to sell her. There is no one like her. Take good care of her) was going to get out of having to rid you of with her, so let me finally know it. She deserves a good life.

I'm also quite sure that you will give her a good life and lots of experiences

KH. Charlotte

IMG_0369PS: Whew it's harder than I had anticipated, to part with her. Completely forgot to write that she also goes on the stairs and through the viaducts. She has never been sick in the time that I've had her. She is trained in versader, parades, and bagparts terms. Made lots of snake times and ottetaller. Gallop from parade, etc. She's ridden bidløst in traffic without problems. My daughter has ridden on Nauma occasionally. My daughter is 10 years.  However, it must be said that Nauma not suitable for novice or nervous riders;-)

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