Østrup Turridning

Rideture på gode islandske heste i fantastisk smuk natur


Lækur from Oestrup was born and raised in 2008 M. It is a stable horse, which can be ridden by all.  Good propulsion. Easy to tölt, though somewhat small steps.  Lækur has been used much as a guide horse, he likes to go in front, but are nicely on his place in the ranks and are very responsive to the rider's signals.

Lækur need support in heavy traffic, but find peace of mind by tractor to mirrors in the flock.  Lækur have some abilities to shut up, not ledåbninger to be naughty, but is very curious and love just being together with the other horses and people.

Lækur september 2014.
Lækur september 2014.
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