Østrup Turridning

Rideture på gode islandske heste i fantastisk smuk natur


Brella Beach IMG_9037_2013_  © _flintfoto. dk

Brella Beach from Høgsbro was born in 2000.  Brella beach is an energy bomb. She has a great deal of willingness, and exploding Cannon almost if she needs to go in the back of the Pack. To ride Brella Beach, is like sitting on a rubber ball.

Brella Beach IMG_9043_2013_  © _flintfoto. dkBrella Beach has easy to tölt, and soft movement in all gaits, but may well be pasagtig of the quick Tolt. She is a lion heart, a self-employed horse resting in itself. We use her a lot as a guide horse, and she requires a reasonably experienced rider.  Brella Beach came to us as an 8 year old and was broken by Mike. She was a member of the turridningen the summer, came home to his owner, back to the US, was then sold to a new place, until we ended up buying her two years ago. She is now 14 and has been on/off in turridningen for six years. She enjoys so to come out and to be used and she is quite familiar with the workflow here.

Brella Beach IMG_9040_2013_  © _flintfoto. dk


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