20,131,026 John with the grandchild Berth for the first time on horseback

20,130,905 With Stine and the nurses on full day tour

20,130,823 all models on horseback
In august, we had a visit from a photographer with 2 stylists and 4 models. They were on assignment for VisitDenmark and should capture the nature, forest and beach on the South.

Ridelejre July 2013

20,130,528 Flyga has got a colt!  I
t’s called Bjartur.

20,130,406 Jøkull for practicing rally

January 2013: Dorte and John on Iceland to buy horses for riding
and agreement of the year ride from 1.-7 July.

13. October 2012: in Svanninge Bakker on a beautiful autumn day with two experienced riders

3. August 2012: Pony games on the 4. ridelejer

12. July 2012: teaching and jumps on M Turridnings new riding arena

M Turridnings r
idelejre 2012

The summer has come to So
uth-Birthday riding the 4. June 2012.

20,120,412 Opsadling of 10 horses

Winter experience for the whole family in the Fyn Alps,-week 7 and 8, 2012:

A walk in the snow and the hills of the South Funen Alps. We have good tøltere, young children can ride on a leash and they can run in horse-drawn toboggan. Father is welcome to bring skis, if he will not ride.

After play/riding in the snow there is hot-pot, our Finnish træbadekar, which is heated to ca. 40 degrees. It is an incredible feeling to get as much heat in the body, that one can live outdoors in swimwear, enjoy the snow, the candlelight and a hot drink.

The day ends with a good dinner, coffee, accommodation and breakfast.  The event is only for you-we take a family at a time, with less in are two families who agree to go along. More about the event here.

Press this link to read more about the ride and Sun holiday april 2012
There are more pictures from the area around El Burgo i
n El Burgo under www.flintfoto.dk.

Horse on Iceland in 2012: Also in 2012 will M Riding convey riding on Iceland! The trip starts with pickup at the airport in Keflavik or in Reykjavik the 2. July, and dressage going on from the 3. to the 9. July. You can see some of the pictures from the fantastic trip in 2010 here. There are further details about the trip in 2012 here. You can contact us at turridning@oestrup.dk or by phone at 62,682,808, if you want to learn more or to book space already now.

Ridelejer in week 26, 2011

Ridelejer in week 30. 2011

July 2011-Ridelejre: in the summer of 2011, we have kept 3 ridelejre for children. Click on the images above to see photos from 2 of the camps.

2011 03 27: Horses on their way home to the fold

View M Turridnings horses in december 2010 here.

18.-26. July 2010-horseback riding on Iceland: a team of 16 was set off with M Riding in 8 days in the most amazing weather through the beautiful Icelandic countryside with up til132 horses in the bunch. There is created a blog on island2010.oestrup.dk with information and pictures from the trip.

27. June 2010-Hand service: Dorte was Assistant, when a filly should bedækkes of Skinfaxi on Gunner station. It went fast and elegant, and you can see more pictures of Séance here.

27. June 2010-on the ride over the Trebjerg to the foals on summer grass: now all 3 Colts moved on summer grass, and it’s a nice trip to ride through the forest of Trebjerg to the big beautiful fold, where they go along with the Mares, 3 asses and a lot of cows. View the pictures here.

12-13. June-Forbereddelsesweekend for riding on Iceland 2010: As forbereddelse to the horseback riding on Iceland in July 2010 was organized 2 days of long-distance riding in M Riding.  Pictures from the trip can be viewed here, and the blog with the details of the trip are to find here island2010.oestrup.dk.

2010 05 28 Dorte and Hind

23.  May 2010-Hind-the third foal in M: now Embla finally got its foal: A nice dark filly who is very trusting, because her mother tells her that people are not dangerous. Press each of the images to see more images.

29. April 2010-Askur-second foal in M: this time has Kengala foaled a colt, which has been named rødblak Askur. It means ash tree, while the first sensitive name B means B. Tap the image to see more pictures.

25. April 2010-B-new foal in M: Today has been a blak Flyga filly with blaze! Click on the photo above and see more photos taken of Penny right after birth and by evening light on føllets first day.  Pictures from føllets 2. day is here.

Riding-Iceland 2010: Discover the amazing Icelandic nature from horseback along with local horse people. We ride on the north country along the coast, over mountains and Highlands. The trip is for riders who can cope with 6-8 hours in the saddle on a daily basis. Photos from previous trips we have taken part in can be seen here at www.oestrup.dk. The trip starts on 17 July. July 2010 and lasts for 8 days. The price is DKK 9000 including pick-up and drop-off at the airport, but excluding airfare. There will be the opportunity to enroll in a forbereddelsestur organized by M Riding. Here, you can try to ride over long distances (40-50 km) in the Fyn Alps. In addition, there will be organized a lecture by a questioning from North country, who will tell about the area, horses and nature, and give advice on attire and loads. There is created a blog island2010.oestrup.dk with details about the trip, which you can follow and comment here.

2009 11 23-26 Dorte in Spain: in november extended Dorte his ridehorisont with a trip around the beautiful city of Rhonda in southern Spain. There are photos from the trip and the horseback riding here.

2009 09 26 Dorte on Otur: one of the many good horses in M Riding is Ptur which Dorte is by tilride. See more pictures here.

5.-13. August 2009 M Riding on Iceland: Dorte and John was on Iceland in august and saw the amazing beauty of nature. Pictures from the trip can be found at www.flintfoto.dk or by following this link.

7.  June 2009-Vignir and Asi for sale: Dorte rider the two horses, as she currently has for sale on www.joras.dk. You can see more pictures here.

11. April 2009-Dorte and horses: Dorte closes the horses on the fold with fresh grass by M farm-here you can see more pictures.

20. September 2008-the beach at Falsled: Dorte inspects rideforholdene on the beach at Falsled. Illegal signs and stone dikes it grows and creates problems for horses and mobility-impaired people belong here for today’s disarray. See more on the pictures here.

30. August 2008-the horses graze by M farm: now there are again a lot of juicy green grass and the horses enjoy being closed on grass at M station. Press here to see more pictures.

26. July 2008-Dorte on Lodgings: one of our best and most beautiful sales horses are lodging. He is 7 years old and has a great mind and fine facilities for all five gaits. There are more photos here.

13. June 2008-Flyga got a filly: Thursday night got Flyga a nice little filly.  She did it herself, probably with good help from his mother Kengala, who could keep the curious vallaker away. Kengala was so interested that she managed to snatch the colt was from its mother. Dorte had to fight in order to separate Kengala from and give Flyga and foal in the stable peace. Later got the space on the fold for themselves, so they could get to know each other in peace and quiet. It took the Colt some time to find out where his mother had food ready for her-see the pictures here.

22. May 2008-Dorte and the 17 horses: With the Colt and the horse Dorte has borrowed to summer children’s camps, there are now 17 horses on the farm. In honor of the photographer they were all gathered in picaderoen, and though it is a quiet bunch with well-defined ranks, so it went not quite quiet, because Kengala was supposed to mark the Convention of his foals. Click on this link to view more pictures.

26. April 2008-Kengala got a colt: Saturday night found Dorte Kengalas foals in the pelvis, where it was cold and wet and almost lifeless. She got it up and dried and warmed, and with neighbours help run in the wheelbarrow up in the barn. Click on the image above to see more pictures of how the COLT takes it out in the beautiful Carl spring.

22. December 2007-Ride Christmas in town: there were lots of goblins to the horse, since Håstrups and østrups horses people gathered to celebrate the approaching feast. There are more pictures.  at this link, which is located at www.flintfoto.dk.

30. October 2007-Tuesday team in fall colors: M has started Riding fixed teams Tuesday and Thursday. You can view pictures from a trip, as Tuesday-morning team took in the beautiful weather in a landscape dressed in fantastic fall colors at this link. If you want to view the tour on the aerial photo in Google Earth you can press here. If you do not have Google Earth installed, is there another option to view the trip on Google Maps here.

22. October 2007-on the field trip in Andalusia: during a visit in Spain near Malaga was M Riding out and gather inspiration on a tour with Los Caballos del Mosquin. Here Danish Eva Maria Mar S a great place with beautiful and well trained Andalusian horses and an incredibly beautiful nature. We got the trip “Full Day Horse Trekking Adventure to the old Mule Traders Trail”, with its 31 km of mountains and over 8 hours of duration in tapping into the truth was a ‘ full day tour ‘. Below you can see a small part of the route shown on Google Earth, and if you have the program installed, you can follow the rest of the route here. [For at få den røde rute vist i Google Earth skal man gå ind og sætte et flueben i ‘Tracks’ under de ‘Temporary Places’, der oprettes i sidepanelet, når filen er downloaded]. Pictures from the trip can also be displayed, and as seen including Google Earth can show the mountains in [brug skyderen lige over kompasset]3D, so you can recognize the peaks in the distance. The images can also be seen in the usual web format at this link.

Press here to download the route and show it in Google Earth [kræver at Google Earth er installeret]

A ride on the 29th. September from M to Svanninge Bakker at 35 kmOctober 2007-A photographed horseback riding mapped on Google Earth: Many want to know where horseback riding went, and now can record the trip with Riding M GPS and display it on Google Earth to view an example of a 36 km long, full day tour to the Svanninge Bakker on 29. September click here and a trip on the 29 km 30. September here. If you do not have Google Earth installed, is there another option to view the trip on Google Maps the 29. here and the 30. here.

September 2007-new experiences with M Riding: Now you have the option of another good experience in Riding-M to spend a relaxing moment after the horseback riding in a Finnish vildmarkskar with nice hot water. It is an integral part of a gourmet rideweekend, or can be negotiated separately by other ridearrangementer. If you want to hear how the first weekend saw in the tub, you can read more here.

August 2007-pictures of Flippi, who is one of the horses in M Riding, can be seen here.

July 2007-horseback riding on Iceland: Again this year was Riding on horseback riding on Iceland M. You can see pictures from the trip at this link, which is located at flintfoto.dk. Again this year, it was a great ride, and there was also time for a whale safari, where there was an opportunity to take some good pictures of minke whales and søpapegøjer.

June 2007-now flintfoto.dk in the air: M Riding has initiated a cooperation medflintfoto.dk. In connection with horse riding, you can order pictures from the trip. The thesis of flintfoto.dk is “Portrait of you and your horse”-see an example here.

24. May 2007-See rideruterne in Google Earth: If you have Google Earth installed on your pc, so you can now see some of the routes, which rides in østrup Riding.   The following link shows some of the routes: Trebjerg and Road trip route

May 2007-Power ride in Svanninge Bakker: The amazing spring in Denmark has been the perfect setting for a wide range of tours in the beautiful landscapes of South Funen. The horses are gradually come in such good shape that can get cube on the tours and we can reach further around on shorter time. Most recently, an exquisite team girls with gunpowder in been on power ride in Svanninge Bakker. Pictures from the trip can be viewed here.

April 2007-Spring in M: Now is the spring for real come to M and the anemones are in full bloom. We are now come so far with the equipment and training of our horse and wagon that we have run the first test rides with the neighbor’s children as passengers. Now it won’t be long before we can offer horseback riding for all as part of the activities of the M Riding.

March 2007-New horse for Riding: The 14 M. March came our new horse-Kyndill from Þóreyjarnúpur-to us from Iceland. It was, together with six other horses from Gordon farm with airplane from Reijkavik to Billund. Below is Kyndill under this summer’s ride on at Dorte the Icelandic Highlands.

February 2007-Riding in Morocco: in February was Dorte on 14 day riding in Morocco: to ride on other horses than Icelandic horse, was something of a challenge. The Icelandic peasant style didn’t work quite like it used to. Something foreign was that we only rode the Stallion-such is the tradition in Morocco. The horses are very different than the Icelandic horse. The stallions were all good and velredne, and saddle clothes in order. Nature is very beautiful, mountains, sand dunes and wide sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Some days the weather was hot to fit both sunbathing and swimming in the sea-in February. Morocco is a beautiful country and unbelievable uncongenial. In addition, it was a very cheap holiday. Dorte was on horse in Morocco, together with Hanne Lund Nielsen, who owns the horse on the Ranch de Diabat Ramses. Click here to see more pictures from the trip. Also see more at Hannes home page, where you will also find links to Ranch de Diabats website.

3-7-10-2006-Horses collection in Iceland: in early October was M Riding horse collection in Iceland near tll Halldor and Mia’s farm. It was an amazing experience. See pictures from the trip here.

24.-9.-2006-Følshow: Today was Riding with to følshow M in Christiansdal equestrian centre in middelfart (view the poster here). There were many fine and cute foals with and a fine rideopvisning along the way. See more pictures from dagenher.

11-9-2006-horse carriage: M Riding has acquired a fine old horse-drawn carriage, and one of our home-grown horses are being driven to. It happens under the expert guidance of a forestry worker who for many years has itself used horses as draught animals to get stems out from the forest floor. There are more pictures here from the first workout in front of the cart. We have since given up trying to run a horse-drawn carriage and swapped it away for a horse.

19-8-2006-Images from Iceland: now you can buy prints, picture CD and DVD with movies from our horseback riding on Iceland, summer 2006. Click here and see the prices. Choose images, etc. by seeing them here, notes the image’s file name and send an email to turridning@oestrup.dk with your order.

30-7-2006-Images to følplakat: New pictures of our Colt can be seen here. During our trip on Iceland baptized we foal born Jökull, because he was white as snow. There is created a poster to følshowet in september 2006 with one of the pictures. The poster can be seen here.

10-7-2006-horseback riding on Iceland: in the period from 20. June to the 7. July turridningen has been closed. At a combined vacation and study tour have been on Iceland and the photographer and Dorte studied the beautiful scenery and the lovely horses on 8-day horse riding and on Landsmot 2006. Picture series from the trip can be viewed here.

The 10. June 2006 came the summer to South-see the pictures here from a horse ride in the water.

20,060,604 Helle on Sigga

The 31. May 2006 got a little Colt Embla-see the pictures here.

Rul til toppen
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