Horseback riding

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Riding through the beautiful landscapes around M and Svanninge.

M is located 12 km north of Faaborg in the back part of the Ridge, which is called "the Fyn Alps". Here are both forest, beach and open country. The terrain is very hilly. Here are several of Funen's highest points URf.eks. Trebjerg and Lerbjerg, the largest lake, Arreskov Lake, from which the Odense River starts, as well as the island's largest forested areas.

Svanninge Bakker, which is the official name of the Alps, has a very beautiful and unique nature. From the many hilltops has the nicest view of Helnæs Bay and the Funen Archipelago.

The view from the Trebjerg, Thursday the team June 2014.
The view from the Trebjerg, Thursday the team June 2014.

There can be arranged one day trips, weekend trips, horseback riding vacations, and shorter trips. Everyone can participate. Of course, you get a thorough instruction before the start, and tempo as well as breaks are organised according to the participants ' needs and prerequisites.

We take only a limited number of customers in, so if we want to secure a specific date, you have to book well in advance.

We have horses for beginners, to children and to those who will have more challenges. All our horses are friendly, trusted people, and first of all, it is good tøltere, who wants to go forward.

Even if you have not tried tølte before and don't really know how to get a horse in tölt, you'll probably get lots of Tolt on the trip. Some of our horses are trained to be hand horse, which means that you can get with that "passive rider", where a guide steers the horse for you – all you have to do is to relax and enjoy being worn.

Small children and nervous riders can in this way come with out ride in nature. There can also be rented horses to pull trips with smaller children. Our nature and our horses are in the top.

We also arrange tours for those who want their own horses. Of course it is cheaper than if you want to rent our horses. If you want to ride in the school holidays or weekends to book well in advance.

The only thing we cannot guarantee for being good, is the weather.

Riding along the path at Hammer pond Auken.
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