Horses collection autumn 2016

Came with horse gathering Stóðréttir í Viðidal near Yasser tangi

This is Iceland's largest horse collection, where about 600 horses are to be taken home from the mountains. When autumn comes and the cold sets in, it will be small, with food up in the Highlands. All horses, older, young and therefore home, retrieved after the foal has spent the summer on the Highlands. There are not many spots left on Iceland, where the horses even have this amazing ability to move freely in large flocks.

Dorte horse collection at North country.Dorte horse collection í Viðidal.    View all the images from the collection in October 2014 horses here.

In the flock are doing the horses themselves, the teacher ranks, to move in difficult terrain and to find food. There are some areas on the North island which has preserved the proud old tradition, and the major horses collection in Viðidal come many of the young people who have moved from the area, back this weekend so as not to miss the horses collection. When the horses are collected, they are sorted and each farm must drive their horses home. You will also have time to party together.

All this and much more you can in years experience together with our Icelandic friends from the area around Yasser tangi. 28.09-02.10 dates are. and the rate is EUR 830 plus airfare. Contact us at for more information as well as day-by-day program.

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