Horseback riding lessons

M Riding is now offering riding lessons for beginners and intermediate. Teaching takes place at our islandkse horses, and can be arranged individually and training on hold.

In teaching, we attach importance to:
Kamilla on Jøkull on ridelejren in July 2013

  • working from land f0r creating good contact between horse and rider
  • to create a natural leadership in collaboration between horse and rider
  • that the rider will find a proper position on the horse and wields the helpers
  • to train basic dressage and time species step, trot, tölt and Canter

In addition, it is possible that after working with special disciplines, which wants to ride with hand horses etc.

The young riders on ridelejren 2015 taught on the course.
The young riders on ridelejren 2015 taught on the course.

Dressage takes place outdoors on a small oval track.  After teaching may by agreement be organized horse riding in nature.

For solid agreements on education with monthly payment and a month's notice of cancellation of participation paid for 4 lessons as follows:

Prices Group lessons
1/2 hour 350
1 hour 550

Teaching takes place Wednesdays at 15.30-17.00 starting on 6 March. April 2016.  

Before teaching should be 1/2 hour to up sadling and preparation.  For groups who sign up for education overall, may provide separate prices. Taught up to 7 people in a team.

If you want to learn more or book a room, please send a query here, or call us at 42,402,298.

Parade on the riding ground complex.

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