Horseback riding in Acid land

LILACS in the spring.
Photo by Lars S, from the book "the acid paper – a tribute to the South Fyn LILACS".

On this tour we will ride along the lilac hedges and quite close to experience the heady scent from this summer's Messenger, which in many ways is syrenerne.

Thursday the team at syrentur.
Thursday the team at syrentur.

Just on the South there has since the beginning of the 1800 century been a tradition to plant LILACS as windbreaks in the watershed and along roads. The result is that when you move along the small winding roads here on South Funen, is the air heavy of the scent from the blooming lilac fence that winds out and into the landscape like purple lines.

acid paper
"Acid paper – a tribute to the South Fyn LILACS", published by Turbine, written by Nina Kirstine Brandt, Betty Jacoby & Henrik Jessen.

This horse ride in Acid land held on Friday 20. may and starts at 14.00 with opsadling and departure from M 32.

Victor and Jøkull on lilac background.

It is a ride in 3 hours with tell-breaks along the way.

There will be 6-8 participants plus 2 guides-a rideguide and a lilac guide.

Lilac hedges.
Lilac hedges.
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